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Articles from 2024

  • 04-0504/07/2024 LEGAL AD
    Per Florida Statute 98.075, notice is issued for individuals who may be declared ineligible to vote if they do not contact our office within 30 days of this notice's publication.

  • 03-252024 PPP/Municipal Elections - Automated Audit
    2024 Presidential Preference Primary/Municipal General Election - Automated Audit

  • 03-202024 Municipal Runoff Election
    Information about the upcoming Municipal Runoff Election

  • 03-1703/17/2024 LEGAL AD
    Per Florida Statute 98.075 - Notice for individuals at risk of being ineligible to vote unless they contact the Supervisor's Office within 30 days of this notice's publication.

  • 03-14Canvassing Board Notice
    2024 PPP Canvassing Board Cancellation Notice - March 18