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Register To Vote or Update Registration

You can register to vote or update an existing voter registration:

Update your Signature

To update your signature complete a Florida Voter Registration Application.

Registration Deadline

You can register to vote and update your registration at any time. But to vote in an upcoming election, the deadline to register to vote is 29 days before each election. This deadline applies to political party affiliation changes for a Partisan Primary Election as well.

New registrations CANNOT be submitted via email. Please see the above options for submitting new registrations and registration updates.

Request to be Removed from the Voter Rolls

Download the Voter Registration Cancelation Form (English PDF/Spanish PDF) to be removed from the voter rolls in Orange County, Florida. If you are registered in another county or state, please contact your elections office to be removed.

If you are registered in Florida and moving within the state of Florida, you do not need to remove yourself from the rolls - just update your address online or with the election office in your new county.

List Maintenance Procedures

The Supervisor of Elections will send address confirmation final notice letters to voters when the post office has indicated that these voters have moved or left a forwarding address and to voters who have had no activity in the last two general elections or intervening election.

All voters who have been mailed an address confirmation final notice and who do not return the form within 30 days will be placed on inactive status (voters will NOT be placed in an inactive status within the 90 days before a Federal Election).

Voters on the inactive list can be reinstated to active status by:

  • updating their voter registration,
  • appearing to vote and confirming their address, or
  • requesting a vote by mail ballot,

However, after two general elections from the date the notice was sent, all inactive voters who show no activity will be removed from the registration records and must register again in order to vote.

For more information, please see section 98.065, Florida Statutes.

Former Felons (2018 Amendment 4)

Visit the Amendment 4 page for information about registering to vote under Amendment 4.