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High School/College Students

Classroom Presentations

We gear classroom presentations toward specific grade levels. They include a discussion on the importance of voting, our local government, and the electoral process. Students have the opportunity to take part in a mock election and are also given the chance to pre-register or register to vote.

High School Student Government Elections

We encourage high schools around the county to use real voting equipment to vote for their student government and class officers. We train the students to staff the positions and work their election like a real polling place on Election Day. Students check-in, get a ballot, and receive an I Voted sticker. After voting, they have the chance to pre-register or register to vote.

Download the High School Registration promotional flyer (PDF)

College Students

Should I register to vote on campus or at home?

You should register to vote in the county and state where you are a legal resident. You are the one to determine and declare the city, county, and state you consider your legal residence. You may keep your parents' address, or you may wish to use the city, county, and/or state where you live for school. You cannot be registered to vote in both locations.

If I choose to register in Florida

On line #7 of your voter registration application, "Address Where You Live," your legal residential address is the address you intend to be your permanent address, as stated on the registration application. You may consider this address your current permanent address, no matter how long you end up staying or if you're not sure how long you will be staying. Be sure to update your address whenever you move.

On line #7, "Address Where You Live," use your residential, street address. If you live in a dormitory or residence hall at UCF, use the physical address of your dormitory or residence and list your mailing address on line #8 of your voter registration application - be sure to include your personal mailbox or P.O. box number.

Find your UCF campus residence building address

View UCF Campus Community Mail Center addresses

UCF Housing and Residence Life website

If you have questions about your tuition or scholarship status based on residency, check with your financial aid office or the scholarship administrators before registering to vote.

Voting at UCF

The University of Central Florida campus is in Orange County, and our office conducts early voting on UCF's campus. However, this early voting site is only available for Orange County voters. Because UCF's campus sits on the edge of Orange County, some students who live near UCF may be registered to vote in Seminole County, and therefore will have to vote at a Seminole County early voting location, or at their assigned polling place in Seminole County on Election Day.

View Seminole County early voting locations (Seminole County Supervisor of Elections website)

Request A Speaker

Need a speaker to address your organization or company about the electoral process? Let us know the topic of interest to your group and we will customize our presentation for your audience.

Topics include:

  • The importance of voting
  • Voting trends in Orange County and Florida
  • Understanding the levels of government
  • Upcoming elections
  • Adopt-A-Precinct Program

For more information on how we can bring classroom presentations and elections to you, or to request a speaker, contact us.