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District and Precinct Maps

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Contact our Mapping Department

All maps are available in an ADA-accessible format upon request. It will take between three to five business days to fulfill standard requests. If your request will take longer than five business days, we will contact you. To request these maps in an accessible format, please contact our Mapping Department.

Please note that redistricting based on the 2020 Census is currently underway. Due to redistricting, many boundaries and our maps will change before the next federal election. For more information about redistricting, visit the Public Mapping Project website or contact our Mapping Department.

Statewide Maps

For statewide Congressional, State House, and State Senate maps, visit the Florida Senate Maps and Statistics page.

Countywide Maps

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Municipal Maps

Apopka Municipal Maps

Browse Apopka precinct maps

Bay Lake Municipal Maps

Browse Bay Lake precinct maps

Belle Isle Municipal Maps

Browse Belle Isle precinct maps

Eatonville Municipal Maps

Browse Eatonville precinct maps

Edgewood Municipal Maps

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Lake Buena Vista Municipal Maps

Browse Lake Buena Vista precinct maps

Maitland Municipal Maps

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Oakland Municipal Maps

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Ocoee Municipal Maps

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Orlando Municipal Maps

Browse Orlando district maps

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Windermere Municipal Maps

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Winter Garden Municipal Maps

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Winter Park Municipal Maps

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