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Sticker Contest Winners!


Published on Wed, 06/15/2022 - 15:53

For the 2021 - 2022 school year, our office held a Student Sticker Contest, in which any student in Orange County could submit an 'I Voted' sticker design. The winning designs from the elementary school, middle school, and high school categories will be made into actual 'I Voted' stickers for school elections.

The results are in, and here are our winners for the 2022 sticker contest!

Linsa, 7 - Stone Lakes Elementary School

Drawing of an orange slice with 'I Voted' written over it in black ink.

About her design, Linsa wrote: "I live in Florida. Florida's orange is so good and famous all over the world. I recommend Florida's orange with confidence. I'll vote with confidence when I'll be 18."

Jacob, 12 - Water Spring Middle School

Drawing of stars in an outer circle, with inner circles of red, white, and blue, and an American flag circular in the middle. On top of this, in red, white, and blue, the words 'I Voted' drawn in block, 3D letters.

About his design, Jacob wrote: "It represents red, white and blue. The flag of America."

Isabella, 15 - Colonial High School

Sticker drawing, top third blue background with white stars; bottom third with red and white strips; middle section has 'I Voted!' in block letters, with a small American flag to the left and a yellow smiley face to the right.

About her design, Isabella wrote: "This is a simple sticker design I made. It includes red, white, and blue (reminiscent of the American flag) to make it more visually appealing."


We were so happy to receive so many amazing submissions, and look forward to conducting the contest again next school year.

We're always looking for ways to collaborate with our schools and community to provide engaging information about voting and elections! Visit our students page or call us at (407) 836-2070 for more information.