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Securing Your Vote


Published on Fri, 10/25/2019 - 12:07

Decentralized Elections in Florida

  • Each county maintains their own voter registration database and voting (tabulation) system.
  • Anything that happens with one county’s systems does not affect another county’s systems.

Paper Ballots

  • Florida is a paper ballot state, meaning your vote is on paper and cannot be changed by software. If needed, we can use the paper ballots to verify the results of any election or race.
  • The voter runs their ballot through a digital scanner (tabulator) to count their votes.
  • We use various forms of physical security to secure all ballots.

Network Security

  • Our voter registration database and tabulation system are on separate servers.
  • The tabulation system is on a separate, closed network with no internet access.
  • We install software patches and updates on a regular basis, and constantly monitor our network. Our staff undergoes cybersecurity training and random checks on their cyber hygiene.

Pre-Election Testing

  • We test each piece of voting equipment that will be used in an election. Our thorough testing procedures meet state requirements.
  • The Canvassing Board oversees a public test of the tabulation system’s logic and accuracy.

Results Reporting

  • We use tablets (electronic poll books) to check in registered voters. Each polling place has a backup paper copy of registered voters.
  • After the polls close, each tabulator prints out a paper record of the votes cast on it. Then the tabulators transmit their unofficial voting results to our office. We later compare the paper record to the unofficial results to make sure they match.
  • We compare the number of ballots cast to the number of people who check in to vote. The number of cast ballots must match voter turnout. This is called results reconciliation.
  • We reconcile all votes cast by mail, during Early Voting, and on Election Day. These reconciled results must match the unofficial results reported by the tabulation system.

Post-Election Audit

  • We perform an audit after every election. The audit process is open to the public.
  • The Canvassing Board randomly picks one race and three random precincts. These ballots are hand-counted and compared to the official results reported by the tabulation system. The vote count is accurate if the results match.

Download our Securing Your Vote handout (PDF)