Registered Voters as of March 25th: Total 821,688 - Dem. 349,240 - Rep. 214,375 - Other 07,442 - NPA 250,631

Archived Financial Disclosures S - U

Archived Financial Disclosures- S

SadighiS SalmieriT SalzmannC SampsonM SandersT SanfordEl
SantiagoG SaylorD SchaferM SchmidtC SchnakenbergR SciortinoS
ScullianR ScottL ScottRu SecristR ShanksL ShaughnessyK
ShawS SherronJ ShirerP ShiverM ShonkwilerJ SimsM
SinerM SingletaryL SmithB SmithD SmithV SmothermanJ
SneedM SnellC SnellX SowinskiJ SpannJ SpencerD
SpicerP SpragueD SprickR StaggersS StalderJ StanleyL
StephensP SterchiE SternerW StevensJ StevensS StiversH
StoneT StorerD StrayhornS StricklandL StricklinC StrobeckB
StrongD StroupeR SullivanW SwigerR    
Archived Financial Disclosures- T
TamayoP TannenbaumG TartT TaylorL TaylorM TerranovaJ
TerrillMD ThakkarH ThanviE TheisenR ThomasB ThomasE
ThomasS ThompsonB ThorntonH TiceJ TinchC TomckD
TomeS TrimbleJ TrovillionD TulianoL TyriverB TysonJ
Archived Financial Disclosures- U    


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